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Career Guidance

Polaris Placement is generally working on multiple management and leadership opportunities at any given time. If you are actively seeking a more satisfying, rewarding career, contact us to find out what opportunities we have for you. Please include your cover letter, your CV or resumé, as well as a thorough description of what an optimal position would be, including your salary requirements and any other relevant details.

We protect the privacy of everything you share with us with the same strict confidentiality you would employ to protect patient information. All documents, including your CV or resumé, are encrypted and stored on a secure server that is only accessible by authorized personnel. Your privacy is our first concern and your information is never shared with anybody without your explicit approval.

Also, you are not charged for our services when being placed in the course of an active search. We will always provide a clear picture of the opportunity and will be a candid advocate for your best interest.

If we currently do not have an appropriate opening, then our Candidate Placement Program may be the right service for you.

Professionals Deserve a Professional Approach

The Candidate Placement Program helps top-performing healthcare professionals find the next right career opportunity. Our experience and long-term relationships can help you find these new horizons and start meaningful conversations with the key decision-makers.


We start with a thorough analysis of your business and personal needs and goals. Then we provide an in-depth preparation and search process to match your expertise with potential employers. When ready, we facilitate and coordinate the interview process. When successful, we advocate for the best-possible compensation package and assist with relocation.

Each person enrolled in our Candidate Placement Program is guaranteed the following:

  • Professional resumé review and revision
  • Personal coaching and preparation for interviews
  • Targeted and customized personal searches based on your goals
  • Support to facilitate and coordinate the placement process

Our program can save you your most precious resource, time, by beginning discussions with employers that you may not find on your own, (or may not even be advertising an opening). It is also helpful to be represented as an exceptional candidate by a company with a reputation of experience and integrity.


Frequently Asked Questions:

1. What is the cost of the Candidate Placement Program?

The short answer is that your initial fee is fully refunded if we place you or fail to fulfill the terms of our agreement with you. Our program fee is based on the level of opportunity being searched. Each individual is unique in his or her skills and needs; therefore a consultant will perform an in-depth assessment before proposing an estimate. There are no hidden fees or undisclosed "extras", just a one-time upfront fee. Our agreement provides complete program details.

2. What services do the fees cover?

Essentially, the fee entitles you to be marketed to our network of clients as well as to facilities that match your desired opportunity profile. Our Candidate Placement Program also offers CV & resumé review, targeted personalized searches with the nation's top employers and support throughout the interview & hiring process.

3. What is the time period covered under the Candidate Placement Program?

The Candidate Placement Program generally has a 3 to 6 month term, based on a variety of factors we will discuss with you before an agreement is reached. The start date will begin once the contract has been signed and all fees are paid in full.

4. Why should I consider Polaris Placement for my job search needs? What advantage does the Candidate Placement Program give me?

Ask yourself: "Do I have the time and experience to sort through hundreds of job postings, find the few that might make sense and then do the work of presenting and following up to make sure my CV or resumé gets read?" "Do I have the time to call the facilities who are not advertising, to find out if they are about to create a new opening in my field?" If the answer is yes to both, then this program is not a fit for your goals. If the answer is no to either question, it might be the best decision to move your career forward.

As a specialized executive search firm in the medical field, we can provide you invaluable insight and personalized service that you just won't get from job boards.

5. Is new employment guaranteed with the Candidate Placement Program? What happens when the time period has expired?

Employment is not guaranteed under our Candidate Placement Program. However, we will provide the tools, insight and introductions to hiring authorities whenever possible. If you are not successful in gaining suitable employment during the contract period, and if Polaris Placement does not fulfill its legal obligations as laid out in the agreement, the Candidate could be entitled to a refund. At the end of the contract period, you can either let the contract lapse or extend the consulting arrangement for an additional fee.

6. What would a Candidate have to provide under the Candidate Placement Program?

All details are outlined in our Candidate Placement Program contract. In brief, a Candidate is required to provide all information necessary to help us identify and evaluate optimal opportunities for you, (geographical location, salary expectations, etc.), as well as the necessary information to present you as an exceptional candidate and help you make a great first impression. We will also be your experienced advocate throughout the interview process. If that is successful, we will offer to negotiate the best possible compensation package on your behalf.

What's the next step? How do I begin?

If your desire for a great career move is serious enough for professional guidance, contact us:


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