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About Polaris

Polaris Placement is a boutique executive search firm specializing in the healthcare field, with offices in New York City, Raleigh, NC and Ontario, Canada. Our consultants average 17 years of experience in the placement profession. Clients include large academic medical centers, progressive community hospitals, managed care companies and physician group practices. Our expertise and industry focus results in a higher level of responsiveness and accuracy when you need it most.

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James Weston

I am the founder and managing partner of Polaris Placement. I have a background in sales, bond brokerage and small business development in the technology and executive search fields. I begin my training in executive search in 1993 at a leading medical search firm in New York. From there, I was myself recruited to be the lead physician recruiter for another boutique agency. In time, I decided it was time to spread my wings - hence the founding of Polaris Placement in 2008.

I truly enjoy the ever-changing challenges of serving the medical community. My guiding ethos is that honorable service never goes out of style: and that treating each person with respect, enthusiasm and integrity attracts more than just business benefits. It brings a richness far beyond material rewards. Plus, it gives me the flexibility to be fully present in the life of my family and friends. When not "headhunting", I practice Chen style Taiji, write far-out screenplays and play in my son's air-guitar band. Rock on!


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Robert Racz

As the Operations Manager at Polaris, I have the role of making sure everything is running smoothly in the background and creating a supportive environment for our Recruiters and Researchers to flourish and make the best of their time. 

During my University years, I started my career with part-time jobs in the Car Parts trade industry, I then worked as a freelancer for a Chicago-based company and filled the role of a Recruiting Coordinator. During these years, I gradually focused more of my time towards work and by the time I finished my Master’s Degree in Business Development, I found myself in a full-time collaboration with Polaris Placement. 

The enjoyable aspect of my work is that I have the opportunity to create processes that improve the company on an operational level and use my problem-solving abilities to coordinate our projects. 

The flexible nature of my work allows me to spend time with friends and family, enjoy my hobbies which include motorcycles and football and have awesome road-trips on weekends! 


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Madalina Irina Iuonut

I am the Research and Recruitment Specialist at Polaris Placement. Previous experience includes business communications, marketing and employer branding. With a Master’s Degree in International Business Management, I started my career at a Human Resources agency and worked in their Marketing department for three years, before making the move to Polaris, where I reconnected with my initial professional calling. 

As a dedicated and outgoing person, I enjoy working with people. As a team player, I have managed to enhance my interpersonal skills. This has enabled me to quickly develop valuable working relationships throughout my career.

Because my objective is to have a balanced life, when I’m not at the office, I enjoy my dance classes, reading and chocolate! 


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