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As a leader, you know the real costs of a key position vacancy: Declining revenue, endangering patient safety, dwindling staff morale, missing opportunities, to name just a few.

You also know that every vacant position has unique features and challenges. We know that successful placements are the result of wisely combining proven techniques with the distinctive reality of your situation. And we know that defining the goal and planning the route is what leads to victory. 


The complexity of recruiting for executive positions requires skill and ethics, professionalism and discretion. Therefore, confidentiality is a top priority for both employers and candidates. Polaris Placement is also committed to practicing all of the NAPR Code of Ethics in every situation.

We work on either a contingency or retained basis, depending on the urgency and nature of your situation.

Are we the right agency to fill your costly vacancy? A short, discreet conversation will help you decide.

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What does the process look like?

1 First, we develop a comprehensive profile of the job opening and your organization.

This involves profiling the vacant position; talking with the principals and getting an accurate picture how the opening affects your enterprise. We focus on what & who it will take to succeed in the position.

2 Then we plan, activate, and refine the recruiting process as we go.

There are proven methods to shorten the time to placement: a smart candidate targeting plan, an appropriate marketing strategy and an upfront collaboration agreement to ensure we stay in sync.

3 Next we interview, screen and present only qualified, interested candidates.

The growth of data & networking tools has sped up the sourcing process. Yet there's still no substitute for the careful vetting methods to find the outstanding professional who adds real value to your organization.

4 Lastly, we follow-through with the vital details to ensure a smooth, solid hire.

Depending on the situation, we can do all or part of the reference, credentialing and background checks and assist with relocation and settlement details.


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