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Forget the Pundits – Here’s How to View Staffing Over the Next Four Years

A lot of medical providers are wondering: “How is health care coverage going to change over the next few years?” And, more importantly: “What’s the best way to plan for those changes?” It’s a perfectly reasonable- and downright critical- question to be asking ourselves right now. But as with most future-oriented questions, no one can…

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Recruiter-Proofing Your Millennial Workforce

If you spend any time on the internet, you’re bound to come across health care articles wanting to prepare you for the “March of the Millennials”. While well-meaning, most of these articles don’t make any recommendations that you haven’t already heard before: “Provide a positive work-life balance.” “Give employees opportunities for advancement.” “Create a culture…

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Health and the Hospitalist Mentality

Times they are a-changing – yet some things refuse to change with them. Private physicians and Hospitalists alike are bemoaning the state of care today, and it’s easy to see the funnel-cloud forming. From the local group practice office to the hospital CEO , there is an overwhelming pressure to reduce the flow of patient…

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Hoppers, Shoppers and Duds: It Ain’t Pretty Finding Winners

When it comes to hiring the right candidate, how do you know for certain if they are a good match for your needs? You might have felt like you’ve found the perfect new employee, only to find that despite a solid resume, smooth interviews and a good recommendation or two, they’re gone within a year…

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What Recruiters Don’t Tell You – But Should!

As a job seeker, your success depends on so much more than your own merit. Whether you’re qualified with an established track record or just out of college, you need somebody on your side that’s not going to waste your time and put you in front of jobs that aren’t right for you. This is…

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Your hospital or health center recently affiliated with a bigger one, and things quickly went from “we’re just academic friends” to a full-asset merger faster than a Las Vegas wedding. Now, the new owners are changing their tune on what was originally promised and you’re feeling understandably nervous. In some moments, you are actually immersed…

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