You’re hiring steadily, and it feels like you’re using the same tactics and procedures as other companies do, but your hiring process isn’t delivering results. What’s more, resumes are barely trickling in and prospective candidates seem to continuously turn down your offers. 

What gives? Instead of waiting for the right candidate to fall into your lap, it may be time to reevaluate your recruitment initiatives. Here are 4 signs that your hiring process is broken or outdated. 

Your Job Ads Are Ineffective

Today’s job ads must be quick and catchy in order to attract quality candidates. To stand out, your posts should include a punchy headline that pulls readers in, eye-catching imagery and an opening sentence that gives a compelling answer to: “Why should I apply for this role?” It’s also important to implement hiring solutions beyond traditional job ads to ensure you’re casting the widest net possible and assembling a strong pipeline of candidates. 

Unclear Objectives & Outdated Requirements

As a hiring manager or business leader, it’s imperative to define role responsibilities and understand how they align with the company’s larger business objectives. It’s impossible to sell a candidate on a role and communicate its purpose if you’re unclear on what the position entails. Old, vague job descriptions and openings with a laundry list of qualifications are a recipe for failure. Invest time in finding the distinction between what skills are required to perform the role successfully versus elements that are “nice-to-have.” This way, you aren’t ostracizing an entire pool of talented candidates due to unrealistic expectations – especially when a job seeker has a strong foundation that can be built upon. 

Your Resume Response Time Takes Eons

Don’t wait around for resumes to pile up over weeks – get in the habit of consistently looking through them. Top-notch candidates won’t stay on the market for long, and do you really want to hand quality talent over to your competitors? Any type of sluggish, unorganized or indecisiveness that enters your hiring process will ultimately paint your company in a negative light. It only takes a few negative reviews on Google or Glassdoor to send your brand reputation plummeting into the dark abyss. 

Your Career Site Isn’t Mobile Friendly

With a majority of people attached to their smartphones, it’s vital to have a mobile-friendly career site if you want your business to thrive. Otherwise, you’re losing out on over half of the candidate market who are applying via their mobile device. That means you’re forfeiting revenue and company profitability, as well as hand-feeding top talent to your competitors. To truly optimize your recruitment ROI, you need to implement a mobile-friendly career site, application process, and capture form – meaning candidates can easily connect their LinkedIn or Facebook profiles to apply.

Today’s tech-savvy job seekers require a hiring process that not only understands their needs and interests, but uses creative and innovative tactics to attract them to the role. At Polaris, we can help ensure your hiring process is built for success. Contact us today to learn more.