Hiring quality personnel in leadership positions affects everything from patient outcomes, to community and culture among your staff. The role of nurse managers in an ever-evolving healthcare environment requires a set of qualities that can evolve with it. When looking for the right candidate, you should look for the following traits in your nurse manager selection:

1- Flexibility and Adaptability

The pressure is on your nurse manager to make quick and practical scheduling changes often on the spot. For leaders who can take the human needs of their team into account, and recognize that staffing and scheduling takes a balance of common sense and compassion, their ability to make thoughtful adjustments inspires their staff to work together to function well through complicated circumstances.

2- Outstanding Communication Skills

Communication is not just about clearly explaining their motivations and considerations when making decisions, but it’s also about being able to listen well and address concerns and needs among their team. While  having a nurse manager who is firm and confident in their decisions is a must, nursing staff who feel heard are motivated to go the extra mile to meet common goals.

3- Proficiency with Conflict Resolution 

Building on their communication skills, a high quality nurse manager can engage in conflict management to help their team grow and evolve together. Nurse managers who can face uncomfortable conversations head-on, and work together to find solutions fare much better in the long run than leadership who is averse to confrontation.

4- The Ability To Keep the Team Motivated

Promoting buy-in to the culture and goals of your organization takes a nurse manager who inspires others through leading by example, offering mentoring and opportunities to connect with each other, and showing that they respect and value the others on their team. In the high-intensity environment of the healthcare field, the most successful teams are the ones who are engaged, inspired, and involved.

5- A Blend of Business and Clinical Acumen

With the requirement of managing electronic health records, health information technology, and other tech-based systems, nurse managers must have outstanding skills to organize, manage, and integrate these records and systems while balancing the ability to take on cost-saving and efficient measures within their unit. The healthcare system is ever-changing, and that requires leadership that can stay on top of that evolution from an operations standpoint.

Are you prepared for your next hire?

With an expected hiring increase of 32% over the next decade, being prepared to bring on healthcare leadership that will increase positive patient outcomes, promote strong leaders, and retain qualified staff is paramount. The ability to recruit and retain the best across your organization starts with a strong culture and skilled management.  

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