TikTok, slang like “salty” and “woke,” and the different interests inherent to Generation Z have employers scrambling to establish new and targeted recruitment strategies. 

Also nicknamed Gen Edge, iGeneration, and the Sharing Generation, Gen Z represents those born between 1997 and 2012, accounting for nearly 70 million Americans ranging from 7 to 22 years of age. 

As digital natives, Gen Zers are radically different from their Millennial counterparts, possessing their own unique perspective on navigating the workforce and what defines success. According to CSP.edu, this generation is forecasted to account for an estimated 60 million job seekers over the next decade. 

How to Recruit and Retain Gen Z Talent

1. Tap Into Their Relationship with Technology

Gen Zers are tech-savvy. In fact, in a survey conducted by Dell Technologies, 91% of respondents said the type of technology an employer provides will ultimately impact their job choice when faced with similar offers. 

From a mobile-optimized career site to recruitment videos highlighting your company’s perks and culture, attracting this generation requires keeping up with the latest and greatest technology. If you continue to utilize traditional methods, like simple job postings accompanied by multiple rounds of interviews, you’ll lose quality talent to competitors. 

As the first job seekers to have grown up in an era defined by smartphones, AI gadgets like Amazon’s Alexa, and online self-service tools, their world is steeped in inaccessibility, convenience, and digital interaction. They expect seamless, speedy experiences. Baking this knowledge into the recruitment process and leveraging AI-empowered tools is essential for creating a high-level candidate experience in the eyes of Generation Z. 

2. Time to Get Social

A bulk of the day for a Gen Zer is spent perusing social media channels. Building and showcasing your employer brand across social platforms will boost awareness and serve as a vehicle for engaging with prospective candidates. In order to maximize the efficacy of these channels, your strategy should focus on showing (not telling) these tech-savvy candidates why they should join your company. 

Consistency is key. Maintaining your online footprint requires content and communication on a daily basis across all social accounts. Additionally, leverage your internal staff by encouraging your team to post on social media, share open positions, and showcase company culture in a positive light. 

3. Create a Culture Defined by Inclusion

In the pursuit of greater corporate innovation and creativity, employers must work towards diversifying their workplace. Generation Z wants to align themselves with forward-thinking employers who value diverse perspectives and actively strive to overcome bias in the workplace.

To prove your business’s dedication to diversity, use tools like blogging, videos, and social media to share employee stories and demonstrate how your company is proactively engaging with women and minorities. Inclusivity is a dealbreaker for Gen Zers, so devote time in interviews to show prospective candidates your investment in creating a diverse environment. This includes everything from who’s in leadership positions to how you hire and promote internally. 

4. Create a Social and Collaborative Atmosphere 

Despite being digital natives, human interaction is a vital need for this generation. According to Forbes, 90% of Gen Zers crave human connection in the workplace, while nearly 60% revealed they’d rather work in a team environment than on their own. Even in a time where there’s a heavy emphasis being placed on remote work, there are still ways to nurture a culture rooted in collaboration. 

Build a strategy around facilitating team gatherings both online and offline. From virtual happy hours to fun outings to group chats – there’s no shortage of ways to engage Gen Z talent and create multiple touch-points from a social perspective in the process. 

5. Gen Zers Want More than Just a Paycheck

While financial rewards certainly fuel this generation’s motivation, it’s not the sole driving force. This generation wants to work in a purposeful and meaningful environment, with 70% saying they want to work for a brand that genuinely cares about social issues, such as inequality and climate change. 

As an employer, contributing to the world in a sustainable and ethical way is immensely important for this generation. This not only helps during the recruitment process, but by offering team members opportunities to get involved in the organization’s larger purpose, it’ll foster higher retention numbers as well.

With expertise navigating the complexities of our ever-changing labor market, Polaris can help you implement strategies that harmonize with your needs while also adapting to the interests and wants of younger job seekers. Want to learn more about our customized recruitment solutions? Contact us today!