“Successful and unsuccessful people do not vary greatly in their abilities. They vary in

their desires to reach their potential.” 

– John Maxwell

As Maxwell so eloquently states, the real differentiating factor between someone who is successful and someone who is unsuccessful lies in an individual’s focus, efforts, and tenacity. Maximizing your potential as a healthcare professional is no different. 

Whether you’ve just completed your residency or you’re interested in making a career move, continually seeking creative and effective ways to deliver quality care while maximizing your value in the workplace will ensure you enjoy a higher level of satisfaction as well as boost your long-term career success. To do so, it’s pivotal to adopt successful habits today. 

Here are 5 tips from a seasoned healthcare executive to help set your career on the right path this year. 

Pursue Your Passions

Whether you’re just stepping into the job world or you’re looking to advance your career, it’s pivotal to pursue a field or specialty area that brings you a sense of purpose and joy. Embarking on a career in healthcare is no easy feat, so selecting a specific area of medicine that genuinely motivates you will ensure you have a positive experience even in stressful times. 

Maybe that’s a career in pediatrics or perhaps you opt to pursue a master’s in nursing (MSN) to specializing in Primary Care. 

The key? Reflect on past experiences to gauge what drives you and consider seeking internships or part-time work to explore potential fields you’re interested in. 

Seek Out a Mentor

The power of mentorship can be truly transformative for your career. Strive to identify an experienced and successful professional in your field who can provide you with invaluable guidance as you learn and grow. The right mentor will be open to sharing their journey with you while offering crucial insights that span everything from career-related concerns to ways to strengthen the patient experience. 

A potential mentor can be found among teachers, colleagues, or supervisors, as well as by reaching out to those in your professional network.

Join Professional Organizations

Aligning yourself with a professional organization not only provides networking and educational opportunities, but will also help strengthen your candidacy when applying for a new role. These organizations hold conferences and seminars where you can gain invaluable insight and advice from experts in the field. Professional organizations can also offer integral career support, the opportunity to learn about advancements and new technology in your field.

Find the Right Company Culture

Company culture encompasses a number of things – management style, company vision and values, the environment and workspace, employee recognition programs, training structure, expected behaviors, outside activities…the list goes on. Finding the right cultural fit is crucial to finding success and happiness in a particular role. 

When considering a new employer, be sure to delve into their online presence (i.e. their website, social pages, etc.) to ascertain whether or not the facility’s culture aligns with your individual needs and career goals. You can also open up this dialogue with a recruiter or during your interview to ensure you’re getting a detailed and accurate picture of what you can expect should you accept the role. 

Never Stop Learning

The key to finding success (and eventually a promotion) in your career? Always pursue opportunities to further your education. Whether you opt to engage in training surrounding new technologies or procedures, or you decide to seek an advanced degree for a particular specialty area, consider looking for ways to continue your education through your employer, professional organizations, or via third-party institutions. 

Ready to Take the Next Step?

When you’re ready to make a career move, our team of healthcare recruiters can help connect you with opportunities that align with your interests and needs. Not only will you have a personal advocate on your side, but you’ll gain access to vital information spanning everything from a prospective employer’s internal culture to best practices for nailing your interview. Contact the Polaris team today to learn more about how we can help you can land your next role.