Here’s a harrowing reality: according to Gallup, only 36% of workers in the U.S. are engaged in the workplace. Are you one of the 64% of physicians and executive-level healthcare workers feeling unsatisfied, disengaged or even grappling with the effects of burnout? 

Many workers in the medical field are seeking a career change – striving to propel their forward momentum as a professional – but the prospect of finding a new job can feel like a daunting feat. After all, there are a number of considerations to take into account – from nurse-physician ratios and patient volume to cultural expectations and benefits packages. 

Unfamiliar with current job market trends? Unsure how to cast a wide net? Figuring out how to organize and navigate your job search doesn’t have to feel like a shot in the dark. Engaging a trusted healthcare recruiter in the process is not only an effective way to advance your career, but you can leverage their years of expertise to gain valuable insight and make a rewarding career transition.

The Benefits of Partnering With a Healthcare Recruiter

Expansive Reach

Whether you’re a New York City native or an out-of-stater looking to relocate to The Big Apple, partnering with an NYC healthcare recruiter is an effective way to gain access to an expansive list of opportunities. With experience navigating the rigors of the labor market, recruiters have an established network of connections and resources that can be leveraged to identify positions commensurate with your personal and professional expectations. Whether that be superior compensation and benefits, the ability to broaden your exposure within the medical field, interest in experiencing a new healthcare model, like value-based care, or the desire for a more flexible work environment. 

Gain Inside Access

Conducting a comprehensive search on healthcare or physician-centric job boards can be a time-consuming and arduous task. When submitting your CV through a job board, you’ll face a plethora of potential hurdles: it gets buried and forgotten in someone’s inbox, the employer never responds to you, you fall victim to a long, arduous interview process or you have to handle negotiations on your own. 

With a recruiter acting as your advocate, you’ll be able to tap directly into their already established network of relationships with facility executives and hospital system administrators. These connections provide a direct line of access to potential opportunities, offering speed and convenience. What’s more, recruiters often have information about current and future openings that are provided solely to their agency, meaning you won’t find them floating around on any job board. 

They Do The Heavy Lifting

Once your recruitment partner comes to understand your lifestyle needs and career goals intimately, they’ll bring the opportunities to you. They’ll provide guidance throughout every step of the process – from organization insights and credentialing support to salary negotiations and interview scheduling. Because your recruiter is equipped with a wealth of knowledge regarding specific hospitals and facilities, they’ll provide you with valuable intel on topics to broach in your interview and how to put your best foot forward as a potential candidate. 

As a director, executive or physician in the healthcare space, having the personalized attention and resources needed to advance your career is instrumental to success. 

From maintaining your privacy and streamlining your career search to interview prep and coordination, the experts at Polaris can preserve your most valuable resource: time. We have the ability to open up dialogs with employers that may not be advertising their open opportunities to the public, and you’ll be represented by a company with a reputation of experience and integrity.

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