One of the cornerstones of being a healthcare professional – whether you’re a physician or risk management director – is driving positive patient outcomes. Beyond credentials, interpersonal skills play a pivotal role in your ability to drive forward momentum in the workplace, as well as make a strong impression among both employers and patients. 

Also known as soft skills, interpersonal skills are instrumental in cultivating a strong personal brand. In today’s digital era, hospitals and healthcare organizations no longer rely solely on resumes to identify candidates that align with their culture and needs. While licensing, education and experience are vital aspects of the equation, demonstrating your value by harnessing the power of personal branding can open the doorway to new opportunities. 

Your personal brand encapsulates who you are, what you stand for and your talents – and it serves as a way to differentiate yourself from others. Think of iconic household names, like Nike or Apple. They don’t just sell products, they evoke emotion and represent certain values. The most effective personal brands mimic this idea, helping you build a strong professional reputation that’s authentic, unique and trustworthy. 

Developing a strong personal profile will not only support your aspirations, but it’ll help drive the success of the organization you work for as well. Here’s how to use this approach as a vehicle for career advancement. 

How To Build the Brand Called ‘You’ 

Crafting a positive and strategic online presence is powerful. It can make or break your ability to land your next big career opportunity. Just like the companies and brands you follow, creating a successful personal brand means continuously delivering value. 

Whether it’s engaging with conversations on LinkedIn, writing your own thought-leadership pieces, or simply establishing yourself as the go-to individual that maintains relationships and delivers high-quality work, the way your position yourself should be both impactful and consistent. By doing so, you’ll establish a strong network and voice – two factors that can effectively propel your career forward. 

Be Authentic and Substantive

In an era where people are continuously bombarded with content, leaning on authenticity and storytelling to forge authentic connections and demonstrate your professional abilities is key. As Forbes shares: “Storytelling is a fundamental human experience that unites people and drives stronger, deeper connections. From the earliest recorded history, storytelling was a method used by cavemen to communicate, educate, share, and connect.”

Keep this in mind as you weave together your own story – from why you do the work you do to all the crucial learning experiences you’ve encountered throughout your career. Substance, the human element and reliability are integral to building your personal brand. 

Always ensure you’re showcasing your skills and talents, but in a way that’s compelling and unique to who you are. It’s important to demonstrate that you are constantly seeking to learn and develop yourself as a professional, as employers are seeking candidates that are invested in honing new skills and keeping up-to-date with the times. Because at the end of the day, the best personal brands are the ones that are built around the value you can bring to the table. 

Know Your Audience & Do Your Research

Ask yourself: who am I trying to reach? Is it thought leaders in the industry? Recruiters? Or is it a particular healthcare organization you want to work for? By defining your audience, it’ll help you understand the language you should use, as well as the platforms you should maintain an active presence on to truly make an impact. 

Taking it a step further, invest time in conducting research to see what people in your industry are talking about. What skills do they have? Follow key thought leaders in your field and engage with their blogs and social posts. 

Being part of the conversation is essential and will also provide you with opportunities to assess what those who are successful in your field are doing. This will give you an understanding of what resonates with people and how you can effectively capture the attention of those you’re targeting. After all, if you’re going to rise to the top, you must take inventory of who is there and what they’re doing first. 

Advance Your Career Today

From your resume to your online presence, make your candidacy stand out in today’s competitive healthcare field by showcasing your skills and painting a clear picture of what makes you a valuable asset to a potential employer. 

If you’re looking to take the next step in your career, our team of healthcare recruiters can introduce you to opportunities that align with your goals. Contact Polaris today to discover how we can help you advance your career.