A vital part of strong company culture is building relationships. And that should happen at every stage of employment. That’s the primary reason that the modern trend of ghosting viable candidates is a mistake. Additionally, a growing issue is that prospective employees have turned this back around on employers and, in recent years, there has been a massive increase in candidates actually ghosting during the hiring process. 

The term ‘ghosting” is a conversational term made popular in online dating, referring to the act of somebody stopping all communication and contact with a person despite attempts by said person to reach out.  It occurs not just in dating, but in many personal and professional relationships throughout our culture; thus becoming a popular way to say you are leaving the other person hanging. 

We know running a healthcare organization leads to an overwhelming amount of tasks to address each day, and sometimes things and people may fall through the cracks. But there are ways to address overload without leaving candidates wondering what happened between that last great interview and never hearing from you again. Let’s dig a little deeper into the consequences of this behavior, and recognize how to get ahead of a major recruitment mistake that could affect your reputation and your bottom line. 

It Begins with Mutual Respect

According to a recent LinkedIn article, a leading cause of candidate dissatisfaction is due to prospective employers not respecting a candidate’s time. It’s vital to put processes in place to create a smooth and efficient journey for applicants who make it to the interview phase. It’s no longer an acceptable excuse to be too busy to address candidates because you are short staffed and short on time.

Prospective employees want to feel their time is valuable when they are working for your organization, and if they can’t even get through the interview process with a clear indication of respect to their time and commitment to the process, then they may quickly disconnect and ghost your organization instead.

A top-notch candidate journey will build your worth and reputation not only with each viable candidate but also will be amplified by social media and ratings. This could benefit you in the future when it comes to hiring highly effective employees because they will want to know their expertise and time is valued.

Deliver Transparency and Keep the Door Open

Organizations can make small changes to their existing hiring process to make sure prospects have the information and support they need to stay invested. Among them is embracing transparency and being clear on expectations and timelines going forward.

Candidate experience has a huge effect on whether or not a qualified prospect will consider applying to open positions in the future. It’s entirely possible for a candidate to be a better fit for another position down the road, and you will save time and revenue by keeping them satisfied with your processes and willing to apply again due to a positive previous experience and a healthy reputation of your organization and its culture.

Support from Staffing Partners Improves Candidate Experience

Healthcare staffing partners like Polaris can assist in making sure you are getting top talent through the door, and that you are set up to nurture the employee relationship once they are hired. Just as important is the journey from first contact to an offer. Having an experienced and thorough partner to support candidates during the full cycle is vital to continue to develop a positive reputation and relationship with your community.

If you are looking for solutions for a successful hiring environment, contact us today to take the first step to find the support your organization needs.