Hospitals across the country are proactively exploring ways to boost the efficacy of their recruitment efforts. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the healthcare industry is poised to add an estimated 2.4 million jobs by 2029, outpacing all other sectors. Despite this surge in growth, however, the candidate pool continues to dwindle. To drive sustainable growth, hospitals must adopt innovative practices for attracting and hiring today’s workers. Here’s how. 

Incorporate Remote Interviewing Into Your Efforts

One of the biggest lessons gleaned from the pandemic is the importance of a flexible interview process. This shift in mindset is just as prevalent in recruiting as it is in expanding patient offerings via services like telemedicine. In lieu of changing your current process, simply consider implementing flexible options, like utilizing Zoom, for initial interview rounds. Incorporating a myriad of virtual solutions – i.e. scheduling tools like Calendy or easy-apply job posts on social platforms – will eliminate back-and-forth correspondence and accelerate time-to-fill

Emphasize Mental Health in Your Company Benefits

Hospitals have been weathering a dire health crisis for years – employee burnout. Stress, anxiety, and exhaustion are also factors impacting worker well-being. Incorporating policies that emphasize mental health care and services is a non-negotiable in today’s world, and doing so will positively drive recruitment and retention efforts

Besides direct care, some additional avenues to explore include flexible scheduling and remote work opportunities, fitness classes, or a discounted rate for popular apps like Calm or Headspace. 

Increase Diversity & Inclusion Initiatives

Strengthening equity and inclusion in the workplace is pivotal for driving optimal outcomes. Having a strong diversity and inclusion policy in place isn’t simply “nice-to-have,” it’s something today’s applicants expect and demand. In fact, 76% of job seekers consider an organization’s workforce diversity when evaluating potential employers and job offers. 

From implementing bias training to partnering with university BIPOC groups, investing in diversity and inclusion is imperative for driving long-term success for your organization – from both a recruiting perspective as well as the patient experience. 

You can also weave your diversity and inclusion efforts into your recruitment marketing by:

  • Leveraging social media and other outlets to highlight your organization’s values and commitment to an inclusive workspace. 
  • Revamping marketing materials to include more diversity across race, gender, age, sexual preferences, and disabilities. 
  • Freshening up your website and career page to speak to your organization’s hiring practices and culture. 

Develop & Communicate a Strong Employee Value Proposition

Your employee value proposition (EVP) is the benefits your staff receives from you in exchange for their hard work and commitment. Cultivating an enticing EVP will bolster your competitive edge in today’s war for talent and effectively communicate the employee experience to potential candidates. 

A strong EVP that aligns with the goals and desires of the modern workforce is a valuable way to attract both active and passive candidates to your organization. Beyond compensation and benefits, key elements of your hospital’s EVP may include:

  • Opportunities for professional development and advancement.
  • Corporate culture, values, and mission, including how leadership supports the company’s vision. 
  • Opportunities for well-being and empowerment.
  • Diversity and inclusion initiatives focused on helping all individuals thrive. 
  • Contributing to meaningful work and working towards a greater purpose. 

How Healthcare Recruiters Can Help

Utilizing a healthcare recruitment agency will provide your hospital with invaluable access to tools and resources like the latest market trends, a pipeline of qualified applicants, and the ability to facilitate the recruitment process. 

At Polaris Placement, we’re helping hospitals and healthcare organizations drive revenue and improve patient outcomes through flexible healthcare staffing solutions. At a time when healthcare workers are needed now more than ever, our team of recruitment experts can help your facility implement an innovative, flexible recruitment strategy. To learn more, contact the Polaris team today.