To say that the healthcare field is a competitive job market is an understatement. With a projected 1.9 million openings each year through 2031 to fill growth and replacement needs and a recent 2022 report that revealed that 47% of US healthcare workers plan to leave their positions before 2025, healthcare organizations are facing the complex challenge of securing and holding executive talent.

For an industry heavily affected by multiple converging factors in our recent history, extending the employee lifecycle improves patient outcomes, positively impacts culture initiatives and morale, and increases revenue and additional growth opportunities.

Healthcare organizations that recognize how improving their hiring and onboarding processes directly impact the retention of key staff are getting ahead of the competition and increasing their innovation and productivity at a critical time. Here are key insights to help improve the success of your hiring and onboarding strategies.

How to speed up the hiring process


  • Understand that developing a crystal clear candidate profile goes a long way to help you quickly identify the strongest match for your unique needs.
  • Consider working with an ethical recruitment specialist with experience in the healthcare field to screen and vet only the highest quality candidates for your open positions


  • Waste the time of your existing workforce to slog through the interview process with incompatible applicants, when the right recruiting firm can find well-matched candidates that have a higher likelihood of engagement through the onboarding process.
  • Drag your feet while making decisions. Keep the line of communication open among candidates and recruitment partners to increase your chances of successfully filling the role with the best fit while allowing others to find a role that suits them better. Strong communication also decreases the chances that candidates will drop out during the onboarding process

How to improve the onboarding process 


  • Include important insights about the way your company works with comprehensive information about job details, opportunities for mentorship, and critical communication about employee culture and company expectations.
  • Invest in automation to keep the momentum going and prevent paperwork overwhelm. The simpler the onboarding process, the better results and the sooner your organization can focus on quality patient care standards.


  • Miss the chance to gather feedback to continue to adjust, improve, and streamline your processes for the benefit of all parties involved.
  • Neglect the opportunity to foster relationships. This should begin during the hiring process and remain consistent while new hires are adjusting to the culture and community. Recruitment experts can work with you to begin nurturing that sense of belonging from the start.

Expert support for an improved employee life cycle

Across the medical field, the hiring and retention of valuable talent is an increasingly critical challenge. Finding the right fit for executive vacancies is one part of the equation. Keeping them satisfied enough to stay is another. Polaris brings decades of recruiting expertise to hospitals, clinics, and private practices. We’re dedicated to helping healthcare organizations find solutions that equip them with the ability to operate efficiently and effectively. 

If your organization is looking for additional support when it comes to successfully hiring and onboarding top talent, contact the recruiting experts at Polaris Placement to help you fill challenging vacancies.