Whether you’re a healthcare executive trying to navigate the challenges of your unique staffing needs, or a physician looking for the right environment to practice your specialty, there are pros and cons to address when considering working with a physician recruiter. We’d like to share some of them here, and show you why partnering with Polaris Placement could be a great opportunity.

Pro: Find the Right Fit and Embrace your Agility 

Physician recruitment offers the flexibility that medical organizations need to be resilient in the face of challenges in the healthcare field with strategic staffing solutions that fit the specific features, functions, and challenges of your organization. 

This strongly suggests you pick a partner who is committed to giving both you and the candidates personalized attention. A partner who takes the success of each placement very seriously and who is fully invested in finding the right fit for your success.

Con: Expect Robust Over-Communication

When hiring managers partner with recruiting experts utilizing the kind of experience that takes years to master, they may go into the experience expecting to set it and forget it, earning the ability to focus on the things within their control like culture, patient care, and safety, and supporting existing staff.  

However, the type of detailed, thorough, and comprehensive conversations required in order to make the best match between physician and employer means a bigger up-front time investment. If durable and profitable success is your aim, then this down payment will more than pay for itself.

Let’s face it:  building a close, confidential, candid relationship with your search partner enables them to understand what makes your organization tick, and how to find the best matches quickly.

Pro- Shorten Physician Recruitment Cycles

A comprehensive recruitment process is detailed enough to sort out the tire-kickers and sort in the truly qualified and motivated candidates to create a successful match. A skilled recruiting consultant will use proven methods to shorten the time to placement an appropriate marketing strategy, and an upfront collaboration agreement to ensure it’s all in sync to work together toward shared success.

It’s no small task to reduce hiring time in today’s climate, but partnering with Polaris Placement means you can leverage the expertise of recruitment experts to streamline the process. 

Con- Encounter Salesy Recruitment Tactics (from our competitors)

Physician recruitment can be a lucrative career choice. But between the recruiters who will attempt to force-fill positions with physicians who are not qualified, interested or the right culture fit for an organization and those who will repeatedly reach out with aggressive solicitation with little skill to back it up, recruiters often deserve the bad rap they get. 

Conversely, an ethical, experienced boutique executive search firm can offer you a level of expertise that leaves those who partner with them coming back for more

Most Important Pro: Connect with Matches that Share Your Mission and Vision of the Future

At Polaris, we put successful matches and relationship development first in our personalized 4 step process that speaks for itself. We recognize the value of a healthcare environment where the teams are in sync, individuals feel supported and have the resources to help them thrive, and the standard of  patient care reaps the benefits

We do everything in our power to support those matches from start to finish and ensure a strong foundation of a successful future in healthcare for those we work with.

Connecting the right physician to the right healthcare environment is no simple task. We invite you to contact us today to look into the benefits that Polaris Placement solutions may have in store for you. And stay tuned for more valuable insights from our experts.