As forward progression and innovative technology continue to disrupt the healthcare sector, physicians and executive leaders must follow a similar path, advancing their skills and careers to align with today’s evolving needs. From developing new skills to building your professional network, the most valuable currency in the labor market isn’t dollars – it’s skills.

Whether you’re eyeing a promotion or looking for a new job opportunity, here’s how to advance your healthcare career and achieve the level of success you’ve always envisioned for yourself.

Proactively Invest in Learning

As a healthcare professional, your education never truly ends. From technological advancements to new healthcare models, the opportunities for learning and upward mobility are limitless. You can traverse the traditional education route and work to obtain a certification, like becoming a Fellow of the American College of Healthcare Executives (FACHE), or earn an advanced degree, like a master’s in nursing (MSN) and opt to specialize in an interest area like pediatric, clinical or oncology care. There are also some more modern paths you can explore, like online classes, podcasts, digital workshops and more. 

Dial Into Your Leadership Abilities

Whether it’s recognizing colleagues for their hard work or accepting accountability for initiatives that go awry, demonstrating a high EQ and maturity are key facets of being a true leader. Physicians and management alike have an opportunity to uplevel your value by honing in on your expertise, taking initiative and being a passionate advocate in your field. Don’t forget about the importance of advancing your soft skills, like ethical decision-making and interpersonal competency, which are also key components of being an effective leader.

There’s a myriad of ways to propel your leadership abilities forward – from chairing committees and mentoring new employees to joining a relevant healthcare association and volunteering time with nonprofit organizations. 

Build & Leverage Your Network

Never underestimate the power of nurturing relationships and building connections through social networking. Whether you’re staying in touch, actively participating in the conversation or making the effort to forge new industry connections, your network can be an invaluable source of information. 

Reaching out to other healthcare managers or physicians to exchange information surrounding problem-solving techniques or optimizing patient care is an effective way to drive positive change and brainstorm new approaches to recurring obstacles. Social networking provides a gateway for diverse voices across disciplines to share knowledge and problem solve together. Your professional network can also provide access to new job opportunities and act as a referral source when the time comes to take the next step in your career. 

Team Up with a Knowledgeable Healthcare Recruiter

Partnering with a reputable NYC healthcare recruiter means gaining access to resources and connections you simply cannot find anywhere else. With expertise navigating the ever-evolving labor market, a recruiter will have the ability to identify positions commensurate with your professional and personal expectations. Whether that be a desire for a more flexible working environment, to broaden your exposure in the healthcare space, to transition to a new model, like value-based care, or to simply align yourself with a role that offers superior compensation and benefits. 

At Polaris, our team of healthcare recruiters acts as your advocate, providing a direct line of access to opportunities that aren’t posted on various job boards. They’ll also have insider information on a hospital or facility’s internal culture, ensuring you find a career path that matches your values and professional aspirations. 

As a physician or management-level worker in the healthcare field, having the personalized attention and resources of a recruiter will help you grow, develop and advance your career. Contact our team today to learn more about taking the next step.