The healthcare industry is facing some of the toughest recruiting challenges in history. A declining economy, increasing costs, the global pandemic, and the impacts of healthcare reforms have created an environment like no other. Despite all of these challenges, however, the opportunity to deliver care and develop a positive work culture still exists.

When times get tough, it appears the first place companies look to cut costs is through their employees. But this decision can negatively impact both your brand and employee morale.

Investing in employee culture is a solution many companies are looking at. Here are some tips to help improve employee engagement and job satisfaction that will help your workplace stay strong during times of stress.

The Benefits of a Positive Culture Focus in NYC Healthcare Settings

Today, more healthcare providers worldwide are concentrating on their corporate culture when attracting talent. Just like any other industry, it’s easier to attract great candidates when you have an outstanding employer brand.

When healthcare organizations put an emphasis on the culture and workplace habits that are valued most by employees such as developing mutual respect, collaboration, embracing diversity, recognizing and celebrating strengths, and providing support and resources where needed, the long term benefits include lower turnover rates, higher satisfaction, improved performance, and better outcomes.

Beyond employee retention, positive culture in your organization can affect the physical and mental health of your staff, creating a better overall environment and brand for staff and patients alike. 

Beat Employee Burnout

Nurses are the backbone of the healthcare industry. And thanks to a variety of strains on the healthcare system as a whole. are experiencing burnout at alarming rates. Not only does this affect the turnover rate, but it puts their health, and the health of their patients at risk. 

Putting systems in place to recognize the signs of burnout, provide nurses with support, and give them a voice when it comes to scheduling, shifts, and restructuring their patient load is a great step in reducing nursing fatigue.

With Millennials leading the charge during the Great Resignation, the world is seeing a fundamental change in how people value work. New York City healthcare organizations are wise to seek ways to support employee mental health and lifestyle through company wellness programs.

Looking Ahead Towards Positive Culture Priorities

The next generation of healthcare workers is following suit with their expectations. Gen Z operates differently, and healthcare organizations are going to have to adapt their workplace culture in order to recruit and retain them. Building a culture that reflects value beyond just a paycheck, like inclusivity,  tech integration, working towards a greater good, collaboration, and flexibility is a great place to start.

Let Polaris help you implement insights and strategies to support and adopt a strong healthcare employee culture. Want to learn more about our customized recruitment solutions for NYC healthcare organizations? Contact us today!